Held Over Through August 6 2011!


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In this phenomenal exhibition about the amazing and complex machine we call the human body, more than a dozen full body human specimens and hundreds of organs are respectfully displayed to tell the story of the miraculous systems at work within each of us.  With a reverent, academic approach, this display allows people of all ages to more closely observe the skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and circulatory systems, and to absorb information normally reserved only for medical professionals.  Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about BODIES REVEALED. 


Tips for an Enjoyable Visit:
Members may tour at any time during open hours.  Non-members are required to purchase timed entry tickets.  Click here to view our "Insider's Guide" to help you plan your visit.

To ensure an enjoyable visit for all, a limited number of tickets are sold for each hour the exhibition is open.  Tickets for non-members may sell out at peak times.  Guests who wish to tour the exhibition on Saturday and Sunday afternoons are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets in advance. 

The Museum will also be open until 9 pm on and August 3-5.

Purchase tickets online, at the Museum front desk or by calling 616.456.3977. (Tickets can not be purchased same-day by phone or online; same-day tickets must be purchased at the Museum front desk.)


(Includes general admission; the exhibit is self-guided)
Members: Adult $10, Senior (62+) $10, Child (3-17) $8 (Please call 616.456.3977 or purchase tickets at our Front Desk to receive your member discount.)
Non-Members: Adult $15, Senior $14, Child $10 (Non-Members are given a timed entry ticket.)
Students with valid ID $10
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Please note that photography and strollers are not allowed in the exhibition.


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